From Disappointment To Delight


To meet the ever-growing customer base and their needs, NIKAI has constantly been working to improve the end user experience by devising several campaigns to help consumers engage directly with the company. 

Usually when we end the year, we often notice many brands/ companies taking time out to thank their most loyal patrons/ consumers for their continued trust and commitment to their most favourite brand. We are no different and have often done the same. However, like every other brand, NIKAI too faced a scenario where in spite of their best intent, it could not meet the aspiration of every consumer. As a global brand, we recognized that there was a need for consumers to feel that someone has heard them and understood their pain. This Acknowledgement really mattered to the very few who believed that we had let them down. 

We quickly thought of a campaign and aptly named it ‘From Disappointment to Delight’ wherein we targeted few consumers whom we wanted to WIN BACK!!!

Our dedicated in-house team validated the customer’s concern and personalized the support mechanism to replace the products. Our intent was to surprise them at their home in front of their family with a fully new PRODUCT and to top it we added a few interesting GIVE AWAYS that helped establish a personal connect.

As expected, the emotions ran high, and we were truly elated to see the delight and happiness that this initiative bought to their faces. Truly a case of Redemption for the decision maker in front of his family from a brand that he had CHOSEN TO TRUST. 

RELIABILITY is a virtue that stands the test of time often backed by the unflinching trust of your consumer. We are happy to end the year with this humble effort that hopefully will go a long way in cementing the bond between the brand and the consumer. Kudos to all our partners and Brand Assistants who made this possible.

What could have been a seamless ending became a unique customer experience. And our happy customers couldn’t help but share their beautiful experiences with us. That is why we are hopeful that through this experience, customers will be open to sharing, and we get to satisfy that sentiment.

We live in a fast-paced environment where we constantly require quick solutions to problems. At NIKAI, we understand the need for prompt answers to all our products and appliances. Hence, we are continually improving our online supports to give customers the best experience with our customer services.


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January 6, 2022

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