Reliable, dependable and state of the art products. This is what Nikai stands for. From product to performance and sales to after sales, Nikai is a brand that is truly visionary. The global conglomerate is built to deliver its promise of reliability and exceptional performance. Building on the success achieved over the last 25 YEARS, the NIKAI GROUP feels privileged to commence its operations in Egypt, a country that is going to play a key role in accelerating the growth prospects for the group within the Region.

About Nikai Egypt

With over 400 electronic and household appliances, Nikai has established itself as one of the leading electronic brands in over 60 countries. It has satisfied over 60 million consumers and will keep adding more as it keeps expanding its range of products in order to broaden its scope across borders. The company’s mission is to To build a diversified global business that provides reliable products, exceptional service and superior value to its customers.

نبذة عن نيكاي مصر
منتجات موثوقة وحديثة ويمكن الاعتماد عليها. وهذا ما ترمز إليه نيكاي. إذ تُعد نيكاي علامة تجارية مثالية للغاية من حيث المنتج ومرورا بالأداء ومن ثم البيع الى خدمات ما بعد البيع. فقد قامت هذه الشركة العالمية لتنفيذ ما تعهدت به من موثوقية وأداء استثنائي. وبعد النجاح الذي حققته على مدار الخمسة وعشرين عامًا الماضية، تشعر مجموعة نيكاي بالفخر لبدء عملياتها في مصر، البلد الذي سيلعب دورًا رئيسيًا في تسريع آفاق النمو للمجموعة داخل المنطقة.
بأكثر من 400 جهاز إلكتروني ومنزلي، أكدت نيكاي وجودها كواحدة من العلامات التجارية الإلكترونية الرائدة في أكثر من 60 دولة. وقد حازت نيكاي رضا أكثر من 60 مليون مستهلك وسوف تستمر في إضافة المزيد مع استمرارها في توسيع حيز منتجاتها من أجل توسيع نطاقها عبر كل الحدود. وتتمثل رسالة الشركة في بناء أعمال عالمية متنوعة لتوفير منتجات ذات مصداقية وخدمات استثنائية وقيما أرقى لعملائها.

Nikai’s Expansion to Egypt: the next big story.

Paras Shahdadpuri shared his thought on expanding the business in Egypt. He said, “We are starting a new era for our company with the production of televisions and other small appliance units in Egypt. Despite global economic slowdown, it is pleasing to note that the consumer electronics industry has remained steady and I am sure that it will continue to remain strong. The Egypt expansion was on our radar for quite some time and we have been actively working on it since the last few years.

We believe that the Egypt market offers potential for growth across our category and expect the new region to significantly contribute to Nikai’s revenue in the coming years. Given the ‘MAKE IN EGYPT’ initiative from the honorable government and the support that it renders to potential investors, this venture of NIKAI is seen as a significant game changer for the company in the near future. We are happy to have an option where we can offer a regional portfolio of products to our customers across the COMESA region thanks to our expansion in Egypt.

He added, “All major businesses across the GCC market will keep looking for avenues that are set up in Egypt and will look at contributing to the economy through active employment of the local workforce. This in turn will also help the brand absorb the regional understanding.”

Corporate Profile

The Nikai Group is a global conglomerate with varied business interests across the domains of Electronics & Appliances; General Trading; Food, Digital Transformation, Staffing and outsourcing. Led by the visionary and diplomat-turned entrepreneur Paras Shahdadpuri, the Nikai Group of Companies has grown into an international operation from a humble trading enterprise in a time span of just over two decades.

Nikai Electronics is the leading brand that symbolizes excellence at all levels. The brand has managed to grow at an extraordinary speed in an already saturated market.

After 2 decades and presence in over 60 countries, Nikai has established itself as a major brand in the region offering over 400 models of electronic and household appliances thus, labeling itself as “The Total Home Solutions” brand.

The Nikai Group also broadened their horizon with consulting and staffing with TASC Outsourcing and SPOTNIK Technologies. TASC Outsourcing is a global staffing solutions company based in Dubai. The company specializes in outsourcing and staffing services to large BLUE-CHIP companies around the world in various sectors such as banking/finance, Telecom, BPO, energy, engineering, and IT. The NIKAI Group has also diversified into the DIGITAL Transformation and Solutions business through its new venture SPOTNIK TECHNOLOGIES. Spotnik Technologies is a Digital Solutions and consulting company specialized in creative business applications using emerging technologies.


To build a diversified global business that provides reliable products, exceptional service and superior value to our customers.

Chairman’s Profile and Vision

Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman, NIKAI Group of Companies, is an ex- diplomat who has served at the highest levels with the Indian government. Today, he is a leading businessman who is affectionately known in business circles as MR. RELIABLE. He is the winner of the prestigious CEO International Award at Power Brands Hall of Fame apart from a host of other prestigious accreditations. He is the proud owner of a Superbrand; and above all a philanthropist who takes deep pride in serving the community.

Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri has been honored with many accolades and titles for serving the business community. He was hailed for his contribution to the Global Electronic Sector during the Middle East Business Leaders’ Summit in 2013. Forbes listed him as one of the top leaders in the UAE and he has been featured among the ‘100 Most Influential Global Indians’.

He started with trading in commodities in 1988 and chose Dubai to be the headquarters of his business activity and this laid the foundation of the NIKAI Group of Companies – a diversified business group which has forayed into Electronics, Home Appliances, IT, FMCG and Retail Food Chain.

“I believe the path of perfection is long and never ending. However, it helps us to remain on our toes and tread cautiously towards perfecting our standards in terms of our offerings to the end consumer.”

Looking back on the success story of Nikai, I neither had the confidence nor the vision when we launched it. Today it has surpassed all expectations and carved a niche as the undisputed number one private brand in electronic products. All I had was the conviction that once I set my heart and mind into it, the overall resultant would be outstanding. Whenever I have put in my hundred percent dedication in any venture, it has been a satisfying success.

Today Nikai range of over 400 products has over 60 million satisfied customers in over 60 countries. Our tag line, ‘Mr. Reliable’ is synonymous with my personal ideologies and this seems to have impressed our client base. Today, Nikai is responding to the requirements of the complete strata of the society, be it the lower income range to high end income group.”

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